19/11/2013 MLC caution on abortion bill
[Calla Wahlquist]
The Examiner "Legislation to decriminalise abortion could be blocked in the Legislative Council today, with a number of MLCs still expressing reservations about the proposed reforms."
13/11/2013 Abortion objection fines 'excessive'
[Calla Wahlquist]
The Examiner "Proposed $32,500 fines for counsellors who have a conscientious objection to abortion and refuse to refer a woman considering termination to another service are excessive, a Legislative Council committee report has said."
27/09/2013 Anti-abortion campaign
ABC ACL's MD Lyle Shelton appears in this 7;30 Tasmania report on the campaign to stop the liberalisation of abortion law in the state.
24/09/2013 Abortion bill back on table
[Calla Wahlquist]
The Examiner "Legislation to decriminalise abortion in Tasmania could be back before Parliament in a month."
23/08/2013 Doyle fronts abortion hearing
[Calla Wahlquist]
The Examiner "An unborn child's right to life is being pushed aside in Tasmania's abortion debate by a political desire to put a woman's needs first, Catholic Archbishop Adrian Doyle has said."
20/08/2013 Proposed abortion bill angers Lyons
[The Advocate]
The Advocate "DEVONPORT man Barry Lyons is used to defying the odds.
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""Some doctors wrote me off," Mr Lyons said.
"But not his parents - Dame Enid Lyons and Tasmania's only prime minister, Joe Lyons - and for that, their son, one of 11 children, is eternally thankful."
19/08/2013 Flexible abortion laws urged
[Calla Wahlquist]
The Examiner "Legislators have been urged to keep proposed laws governing abortion in Tasmania broad so they are flexible enough to deal with different cases."
30/07/2013 Legal doubt on legislation
[Matt Smith]
The Mercury "Constitutional law expert Michael Stokes has cautioned Tasmania's Upper House against supporting proposed legislation that would take abortion from the criminal code."
29/07/2013 Abortion laws 'need updating'
[Matt Smith]
The Mercury "An Upper House parliamentary inquiry into Tasmania's abortion laws has heard the laws need to be updated."
29/07/2013 Access to abortions backed
[Ben McKay]
The Examiner "A parliamentary committee has heard evidence from medical practitioners supporting broad access to terminations but strong legal challenges to Bass MHA Michelle O'Byrne's Private Members Bill to decriminalise abortion."
29/07/2013 Late-term abortion doctor gives evidence at Upper House inquiry
ABC "The first public hearings into a bill to decriminalise abortion in Tasmania has heard from a doctor involved in a controversial late-term abortion."
23/07/2013 MP predicts lengthy inquiry on abortion changes
ABC "Tasmania's Upper House has received more than 150 submissions on the Health Minister's bill to remove abortion from the Criminal Code."
13/06/2013 Abortion bill delayed by the Upper House
ABC "Tasmania's Upper House MPs have voted 10 to two to delay a vote on a bill to decriminalise abortion."
13/06/2013 Abortion reform bill held up
[Calla Wahlquist]
The Examiner "THE Legislative Council has been warned against trying to drastically re-draft abortion reform legislation by sending it to a committee."
13/06/2013 Abortion vote delayed
[Michelle Paine]
The Mercury "MEMBERS of Tasmania's Upper House have delayed a vote on abortion -- probably by many months -- by referring the issue for further examination by a committee."
29/04/2013 Changes to abortion bill may still be needed
[Calla Wahlquist]
The Examiner "Support for abortion reform is waning and the legislation now appears unlikely to pass the Legislative Council without amendment."
21/04/2013 Abortion rate '1200 a year'
[Blair Richards]
The Mercury "More than 1000 abortion procedures a year are being performed in Tasmania, a gynaecologist whose clinics carry out the bulk of pregancy terminations in the state says."
16/04/2013 O'Byrne's bill needs 13 votes
[Calla Wahlquist]
The Examiner "The fate of legislation to decriminalise abortion in Tasmania rests with a handful of more conservative Labor politicians."
16/04/2013 Tasmania's abortion bill passes
[Calla Wahlquist]
The Examiner "Abortion legislation has passed the House of Assembly after conservative Labor politicians voted in support of the bill."
12/04/2013 Cut-off changes fail to please everyone
[Chris Pippos]
The Advocate "A softening of Tasmania's proposed abortion decriminalisation law changes has failed to appease Australia's peak Christian lobby group, while others have welcomed the move as a sensible compromise."
12/04/2013 Doubt abortion bill will pass
[Calla Wahlquist]
The Examiner "Legislation to decriminalise abortion in Tasmania may not pass the lower house, despite changes requiring the permission of two doctors for any termination after the first trimester."
12/04/2013 'Too young to know'
[Jennifer Crawley]
The Mercury "The decision by a Christian school to allow students to attend an anti-abortion rally has angered politicians and psychologists but the principal is unapologetic about the children's presence."
11/04/2013 Abortion law backdown
[Calla Wahlquist]
The Examiner "Controversial legislation to decriminalise abortion in Tasmania will be softened in a bid to get it through Parliament."
09/04/2013 Churches blast reform 'tsunami'
[Michelle Paine]
The Mercury "Tasmania'S church leaders have united to try to stop the "tsunami" of social changes being pushed by the State Government."
09/04/2013 Churches band together on social policy
[Calla Wahlquist]
The Examiner "Tasmania'S churches have banded together to produce a political position statement on controversial social policy being debated in parliament this year."
04/04/2013 Flood of views on abortion bill
[Calla Wahlquist]
The Examiner "Late-term abortions and a fine for doctors who object to abortion are the key issues in proposed legislation to decriminalise abortion in Tasmania."
22/03/2013 Bishops join anti-abortion protests
[Calla Wahlquist]
The Examiner "Reverend Harrower said he did not agree with allowing free-choice abortions up to 24 weeks' gestation, and said the inclusion of socio-economic circumstances in the list of things doctors could consider when permitting a late-term abortion was "verging on the obscene"."
19/03/2013 False reassurances: Tasmania's Abortion Information Paper
[ Babette Francis]
Online Opinion The "real intent [of the abortion bill] appears to be not only to make access to abortions available (it already is) but to criminalise dissenting opinions."
18/03/2013 Bill attacks fundamental civil liberties
[Mishka Gora]
The Examiner "The Reproductive Health Bill is supposed to decriminalise and remove impediments to abortion . . ."
18/03/2013 Nothing healthy in abortion legislation
[Claire Van Ryn]
The Examiner " . . . tell me, what is reproductively healthy about terminating a pregnancy?"
18/03/2013 Reform of abortion laws dividing state
[Calla Wahlquist]
The Examiner "A plan to decriminalise abortion has polarised the Tasmanian community."